EKSÊ! Echoes of Self, a collaboration with Our Cape Town Heritage

Our Cape Town Heritage (OCTH), an NPO dedicated to reclaiming “the narrative of Cape Town’s diverse culture by providing access …

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Multispecies Stories from a Southern City

This project with the Dept of Environmental and Geographical Science at the University of Cape Town, incorporated a series of …

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Towards Freedom

The Slave Church, Cape Town (2018) The Slave Church in Long Street, Cape Town, is the oldest existing mission building …

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Our Forefathers Built this Church. Vertel! Vertel!

The Old Mission Church, Montagu (2019) Montagu Museum encompasses Joubert House, The Art and Culture Centre and the Old Mission …

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Retitled: Slavery and Freedom

Blettermanhuis, Stellenbosch (2019) Hendrik Lodewyk Bletterman became the landdrost of Stellenbosch in 1785, the last magistrate to be appointed by …

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Re-Stitching District Six

On 3 May 2024 I found myself exploring the remains of a bulldozed house in District Six, Cape Town, an area that was declared  for …

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From Signal Hill to the Kamiesberg

This is a journey of understanding, from Signal Hill, in Cape Town, where the voices of our enslaved and exiled ancestors bid us well and …

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Fieldguides for a Preternaturalist

deep histories fragile memories is an artistic research cluster based at LUCA School of Arts, Brussels. It aims to bring together like-minded researchers, practitioners and …

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